All partners will develop youth workers´capacities, along with local communities, bearing in mind young people from ethnic minorities as the main beneficiaries of the project.

3 transnational meetings: in Slovenia, Netherlands and Spain.

For youth workers and youth from entities involved, to exchange experiences, aiming at promoting the start-up of social businesses and the development of new jobs and opportunities for ethnic minorities in their communities.

All duration of 3 days.

Novo Mesto (Slovenia): Forum for 4 youth technicians.

During this forum, participants will work on the update of current labour insertion strategies developed for youth within their organizations, proved to be successful or non effective. Exchange of experiences among technicians and state of the art in each country.

They will receive training on social entrepreneurship: methodologies to improve labour insertion for youth with disadvantages, social entrepreneurship paths and opportunities, including networking at local and European level with related stakeholders, improve possibilities of adaptation to skills required in the current labor market…

The main objective is that youth technicians can get new strategies and methodologies to improve youth insertion in labor market, through social entrepreneurship, that can be implemented in each country, according to own reality.

Rotterdam (The Netherlands): 4 youth + 1 technician.

For the first youth exchange, partners will gather youth from ethnic minorities from each organization. They will receive information on Erasmus + Programme and Youthpass, with information on all European mechanisms available for them, being conscious of their European Citizenship.

They will work on the first steps for the social business ideas that will be the basis for their business plans, developed through work teams and brainstorms. *Just the ideas for their further development in the local workshops that will start after this European event.

The event will also include conferences or study visits to social business (if possible, started by an ethnic minority entrepreneur), so that it can be helpful and an example for these youth.

Andújar (Spain): 4 youth + 1 technician.

Introduction of experiences and methodologies exchanged during the whole project and results. Attendance of Media and other stakeholders that can benefit of the project, and implement the results with a multiplier effect.

Future steps and new initiatives or related projects to be managed. Participation of youth and introduction of the best and more feasible business plans on the social business sector.

Youth will also give their point of view on the activities developed and their effectiveness on youth labour insertion. Invited experts will point out the main guidelines that public entities and other stakeholders can establish to favor youth employment.

A sum up of this final conference will be available in Youtube.