Under the framework of the European Project “YSE – Social Entrepreneurship for Youth in Europe”, 25 young participants from Greece, Spain, Portugal, Slovenia, and the Netherlands presented their Business Ideas at the 2-day European Social Entrepreneurship Session in the cities of Andujar and Seville, Spain.

All the participants were selected by the partners as the best Business Plans after the workshops in their countries.

The main objective of this meeting and the project, in general, was young people (aged 18-30) with social entrepreneurship skills to tackle unemployment.

At the same time, the project focused on innovative business models aimed at improving existing methods and facilitating the integration of young people into the labor market, focusing mainly on social entrepreneurship and social enterprises. For this reason, it was very important to exchange good practices, and the project hopes to motivate young people to work both locally and at the European level.

Once all the presentations were completed, the participants visited a Social Enterprise that was set up in the heart of Seville. It is Caótica that combines a huge library and a café into a 3-story space. After completing all the activities, certificates were delivered to all participants.