Great Britain is a pioneer of social entrepreneurship, with about 70,000 social enterprises contributing 24 billion pounds to the economy and employing 100 million people, according to a large-scale survey called Social Enterprise Survey 2015. It is the largest survey conducted among 1159 companies in the form of in-depth interviews. The survey has shown that social entrepreneurship can compare or even surpass all other forms of entrepreneurship in the areas of revenue growth, job creation, innovation, business optimism, the number of start-up companies and diversity in employment.

Range and reach

From a survey conducted in 2011, where the first major start-up explosion of social enterprises in the UK was revealed, today we can see that this was just the beginning. The latest data show that the share of social enterprises, which are under 35 years of age, is 35%, and almost 50% are companies aged less than 5 years. For comparison, the percentage of newly created companies, which do not have a social business name and are under 3 years old, is 11%.

An overview of the turnover generated by social enterprises in the last accounting year shows that these companies have a very broad and varied range of revenues. The percentage of social enterprises that generated less than £ 10,000 is 13%, and at 6% annual turnover exceeds £ 5 million or more.

During the survey, it was found that 52% of social enterprises generated more revenue than the year before. For comparison, in the same survey in 2013, this share was 32%.

The percentage of social enterprises whose trading volume is held at the local level is 28%, 40% operating at regional level and just under 40% on the whole island. Compared to 2013, the growth of exports of products and services is also evident. This, according to the latest survey, increased by 3% and currently stands at 14%, slowly approaching other small and medium-sized enterprises, where it is 19%. They mostly export to the countries of the European Union, Asia in the Pacific and North America region.

It is also interesting to look at the diagram of industries covered by social enterprises. The fields are extremely diverse and range from the automotive industry, medicine, retail, computer programming to engineering.

Source: Združenje socialna ekonomija Slovenije, Barbara, 8. 1. 2016