Lately in Europe, enterprises focusing in social impact, are on the spotlight. The question is how these social enterprises can help people with a low education background (ethnic minorities, disadvantaged backgrounds, vulnerable groups) to find a job while being sustainable.

This question is to be answered between the framework of the European project titled “YSE- Social Entrepreneurship for Youth in Europe”, by partners from Spain (Andujar City Council), Greece (Institute of Entrepreneurship Development), Portugal (Entrepreneurial Association of Alentejo Litoral), Slovenia (Association for developing voluntary work Novo mesto) and Netherlands (Lava Legato Foundation). The programme has a duration of one year. The main activities to be carried out are:

  • Exchange of good practices
  • Development of business plans
  • Dissemination of innovative solutions that will be successfully implemented, both locally and at European level

In particular, the 1st transnational meeting took place in Novo Mesto, Slovenia, from 21 to 24 November. The representatives of the of each organization, presented good practices of Social Enterprises in their countries. Then,, it was determined that the target group for the activities would be young people aged 18-30, due to the high unemployed rate.

It’s worth noting that, some interesting social enterprises practices presented in the meeting, are related to areas such as: the circular economy (recycling/re-use of food and materials such as wood, fabric, paper, plastic etc.), the training and the provision of material support for the development of the idea and its realization.

The next meeting/training activity will take place on April in Netherlands.